Flexible video meetings for clients and teammates

Host, join, and engage in dynamic online video meetings from anywhere with a wifi connection.

HD on any device

Connect hybrid teams over flawless HD video and audio across multiple devices, with no time limitations and support for up to 200 video participants.

Powered by AI

Coming Soon

Switch from phone to video with a tap

Hop from a phone call straight to a video call without opening another app.

Uncompromised security

Protect every conversation with end-to-end encryption, passcode protection, waiting room, and other host controls.

Skip the download

Securely host meetings across mobile, desktop, or browser, with or without the app.

Switch devices on the go

Flip from mobile to desktop and back again with one tap, without ever leaving your meeting.

Keep collaborating

Create teams for internal and external groups, share agendas, and send files for extra context before a meeting starts.

Get more features

Empower teams with screen sharing, whiteboard, annotations, breakout rooms, in-meeting chat, meeting recording, and more.

Host Business meetings

Invite up to 100 participants, or go big with a Business meeting license add-on.

Engage customers

Create a secure and professional space to meet clients face-to-face, all in HD video and audio.

Raise Hand

Interaction is key to engaging in meetings. Signal your desire to speak without interrupting the current speaker.

Saving Meeting Chat Histories

We have introduced the feature to record the audio and video of meetings, but now users will also be able to record the chat history of the meeting.

Co-organizers in Action

When the main organizer's away, co-organizers will play - and keep your meeting on track!

Noise Suppression

Say goodbye to distractions! Enhance vocal clarity by filtering out pesky background noises.

Presentation Modes

Immerse your audience in presentation mode while keeping everyone on the same page with screen sharing.

In-meeting Reactions

Speaking of interaction, we have another treat for your users, one that helps express their feelings toward specific moments in the meeting, be it company or individual achievements or surprising news through the use of our in-meeting reactions.

Express with reactions

Engagement goes beyond words. Express your feelings in a fun and colorful way!

Presence Integration with outlook Calendrer

Outlook calendrer schedules will sync with Communicator to ensure your real presence in realtime.

Breakout Rooms

Coming soon

Participant Reactions

Give the presenter and other participants a ?? emoji and other reactions for easy and quick non-verbal feedback.

Team Huddle

Host ongoing meetings that allow colleagues to come and go as they please – kind of like a virtual team room.

Added Noise Suppression To The Web App

Aside from different means of meeting interaction, we have also been hard at work helping improve overall voice quality by adding our noise suppression option for our COMMUNICATOR web users too, helping improve vocal clarity by filtering the potential background noises out.