What are SIP Phones?

SIP phones are the same as VoIP or softphones and are used for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. There are two types of SIP phones: Hard-phone (resembles common phone) Soft-phone (computer - software phone) PBXware can be used with virtually all SIP phones on the market.

How good is a VoIP sound quality?

It's obvious, the quality would be excellent although the voice quality depends on bandwidth quality and its availability.

What is CNAM?

CNAM types are two Inbound(Lookup) and Outbound(Storage) Caller IDs, this feature can be configured your DID. Using Inbound feature will lookup CNAM, Whenever someone called your DID and CNAM lookup is enabled, The Called party ANI is dipped and will send the CNAM information to your extension. if disabled, only the number will be send to your extension.

Using Outbound feature we can add your company name to your DID up to 15 letters only. When you make calls your company name will be sent along with your business phone number. Not all the service vendors support this feature while purchasing or poring a DID number kindly inform to our team prior to make sure to choose the feature available vendors.

What is number Porting?

Generally, we call it Local Number Portability(LNP), according to FCC rules you can port a telephone number from your current provider to VoIP Office, with this feature you can use your existing number but we require a Letter of Authorization(LOA). A LOA needs to be filled with correct information and signed send to us via email. So, this document allows our vendor to request your number to port-in to our system.

What is Fax to email?

It's (FoIP) Fax over IP. This allows any T38 enabled DID to configure our Fax to Email service. Whenever someone sends a fax to your number that will be converted to.PDF and automatically sent your email address.

What is Voicemail to Email?

When the voice mail extension is received, it can be converted or transformed digitally in a .Wav format file which is sent automatically to your registered mail address.

What is call monitoring?

At VoIP Office, To monitor a live call we have three features.
  1. Listen
  2. Whisper
  3. Barge


  • Listen : only for listening calls.
  • Whisper : for listening conversation and extension monitoring
  • Barging : can listen and speak to the persons in both sides on the call 
  • Dynamic : 
  • for choosing monitoring mode by clicking on 4

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