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Gain the advantage over your competition by combining Audio and Video Conference, Instant Messaging, Meeting, Fax, Presence, Screen Pop, and more… all from one single interface!

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VoIP Office integrates seamlessly with most business-critical apps and services, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zendesk, ZOHO, MS Dynamics, and many more.

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Omnichannel is a robust application that extends the power of Contact Center features, allowing your customers to interact with your business across multiple communication channels like voice calling, emailing, live chat messaging, and SMS texting. An Omnichannel Contact Center combines all your communication channels into a single, easy-to-use interface. Every channel will be able to integrate and relate with one another so the customer can switch effortlessly between channels. The main focus is creating a consistent customer experience, engaging with the people already interacting with your brand/company to ensure they get a seamless and improved customer experience, regardless of what channel they are using.

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Jun 2023 VoIP Office announces the opening of a new office in Vadodara, Gujarat & Noida, Uttar Pradesh

VoIP Office, a leading VoIP solutions provider, is proud to announce the opening of a new branch office in Vadodara, GJ & Noida, UP. The office facilitates extensive business development in the region and offers direct access to customer support-a testimony of VoIP Office's tremendous support in India and USA.

Sunny Reddy, President for VoIP Office said, "This is excellent news for our customers and prospective clients. We are extremely pleased to establish our presence in Vadodara, GJ & Noida, UP which entitles us to provide complete customer services for our local partners and sustain our ongoing regional growth and development".

About VoIP Office Telecommunications Pvt Ltd

VoIP Office was established in 2007, the company has grown at a fast pace to become a world's leading telecommunication products with its headquarters at Hyderabad-India. It's great to say VoIP Office is certified with OSP License VoIP services in India. VoIP Office has a wide and comprehensive product lines which caters to the connectivity needs of any networking architecture and integrations. VoIP Office serves Healthcare, Financial, Tech, Government, Educational, Travel and Hospitality Industries worldwide.

The company provides Unlimited calls to US & Canada, Free IP Phone, Auto attendant, Message on hold, Standard Call Queue, Conference Bridge, Find Me Follow Me, Caller ID Control, Employee Directory, Direct Inward Dial, Direct End User Support, Standard Call Reporting, Free India Call Forwarding, Outlook Integration, Click-to-Call, Multi-Level IVR, Call Recording, Call Park Paging, Mobile Application, Desktop Application, Enhance Call Queue, CRM Integration Integrated Fax, Barge / Whisper, Toll-Free Number, and integrated contact center solutions for enterprises globally. VoIP Office's open platform integrates with leading businesses and enables customers to easily customize business workflows.

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Jun 2023 How VoIP Business Phone Service Can Help

VoIP Business Phone Service is the best companion for your business growth. It has wonderful features that would help your business to grow at a quicker pace because excellent service with minimum costs is the watchword of VoIP Business Phone Service.

VoIP Business Phone Service works through the cloud and thus spares the customers from unnecessary charges and regular maintenance. VoIP works by converting sound to digital voice communication and uses Internet Broadband to transfer the messages. So basically it works through Internet Broadband and is cheaper than the traditional phone sets. Moreover, it provides free and affordable calls to certain countries like The United States of America and Canada. Thus it saves you from an unexpected surcharge on telephone bills.

The best part of VoIP Business Phone Service is that it has terrific features that ensure uninterrupted communication with your clients and your employees. VoIP Business Phone Service delivers fantastic service through special features like call forwarding, conferencing, speed dialing, transferring, video conferencing, remote access to voice mail, fax, etc. at a very reasonable cost.

VoIP is multifunctional as it enables you to send images and files during a video conference that allows you to stay in touch with your co-workers and clients to discuss important deals, make instant decisions although not physically present. You can pass relevant information to your employees within seconds irrespective of the place. Moreover, your employees can be readily available to your customers, as VoIP works on phone login and internet connection. You have to plug-in and call.

VoIP Phone Services have several advantages like IP based call routing, digitized audio, intelligent IP-PBX software, and softphone keys. The software ensures excellent functionality and works like a typical smartphone. If excellent communication is the foundation for the fast-growing business, then VoIP Office is the suitable choice for your business.

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May 2023 How Business VoIP Systems Can Help Your Company Grow

Service and Satisfaction are the key objectives of our Business VoIP Systems. Our cloud business VoIP Phone Service has a series of options that could be utilized according to your business needs. Since our customers are provided with a choice of features the service charges are moderate. You will not be paying any money for a service that you will not use. Thus your VoIP Phone Systems are customized and cost minimized.

Stability and Predictability are the prominent advantages of our VoIP phone systems. Our Corporate Phone Systems basically work on cloud service so there will be minimum disturbances as in the case of copper cable-based phone systems. Moreover, since the bill amount is already decided the phone bill is predictable without any last minute surprises.

Mobility and productivity are the advantages of opting VoIP Phone Services. A team lead can easily communicate with his colleagues while he is in another conference. An employee can attend the calls of a customer even when he is traveling as VoIP Phone Systems can be plugged to a socket and is ready for use. Since every employee is provided with a handset there is uninterrupted communication at the workplace and even after work hours. Instant communication between the employees and the customers will help your business to grow at a faster pace.

Handy and convenient handsets ensure smooth communication in a business that has other challenges to face and cannot compromise on communication. As every employee will be provided with a handset they could be reached individually with no extra charges. In case of emergencies, each individual employee can make calls without wasting time.

Thus, VoIP Phone Solutions Provide customized features that suite corporate and small business alike. You need to work your way up in business with smart plans made possible with Smart VoIP Phone Systems. Get connected in a smart way move ahead with seamless communication.

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