3 Reasons VoIP Business Phones Make Sense for Small Businesses

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is widely preferred in businesses as it exhibits enhanced productivity, user friendly features and promises huge cost savings over Traditional Phone Solutions. VoIP has become the choice of businesses whether big or small as he has a lot of advantages over the traditional phone system.

Flexibility and Mobility

Modern business demands service round the clock. VoIP Phone Systems can be easily used as it works on plug-in and call mode. Since it works on broadband it can used even during travelling provided there is internet connection. So, it helps the employees to stay connected irrespective of the place they are in. Small businesses can make maximum use of employees who work from home. As VoIP is flexible and accessible it is easy to respond to the client and leave no stone unturned to take your business to the next level.

Exclusive features

In an era of globalization, there is a need for international calls even in small businesses. VoIP come in handy as it provides free international calls especially to countries like the U.S.A. VoIP also provides unlimited calls to certain numbers. This is a useful feature as most of the business transactions happen over phone. VoIP provides the flexibility of including new features with minimum costs.

VoIP enables you to send files and images during a conference call that will go a long way to improve your business and your relation with the clients. As VoIP can be easily operated by just plugging on to your laptop you can stay connected with your employees even during a conference. You can instantly update your employees of latest decisions to have an edge in the market. VoIP provides best-in-class features like call waiting, transfers, holds, call-forwarding, direct-to-voice mail, three-way calling and more.

High Cost Saving

As your business expands you can extend the number of phones and features at least cost-a high cost saving feature of VoIP phone systems. It is said that VoIP saves about 68% of your expenses compared to the traditional phone system. Since VoIP works on cloud it is easy to use. A normal IT employee can create new user accounts; manage privileges and access reporting, all through a single administrative platform. As VoIP is compatible with desk phone and computers and can be used on a company smart phone and tablet saving time and resources.

Thus VoIP phone systems, with its benefits like multiple features, easy to use technology and cost saving helps small business to move ahead with confidence. VoIP Office not only offers all features of VoIP phone systems but also helps small business to choose the best plan to suite their business requirements.

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