Communication plays a vital role in determining the success of any business whether it is large scale or small business. Today’s business is controlled by globalization and digitalization and this necessitates the need to stay connected. A business has to have a flawless smooth communication system to have an edge over the competitors. VoIP Phone Service ensures to stay connected with your employees and your valuable clients at affordable rates.

A few facts to understand the basic difference between VoIP Phone Services and the Traditional Phone System.


The Traditional Phone System operates through cables that use twisted copper wire, plugs, and solid core. This is a cumbersome process and thus calls for more maintenance. Due to this, the end of the month telephone bill might give you surprises. The VoIP Phone System operates through the internet. In voice over internet protocol, they convert calls into digital signals within the phone. Hence they are Maintenance Free. Your telephone bill amount is fixed and there are no last minute surprises.

The Traditional Phone System charges separately for international calls but VoIP Phone Packages are business friendly and you will be surprised to note that in VoIP, international calls are charged as local calls.


Traditional Phone System are not portable, and hence do not help you to stay connected all the time. VoIP Phone Systems can easily be operated as it works on the plug-in-and-play model. You can be in a conference room and still communicate with your employees working onsite. You can be traveling and still respond to the queries of your valuable customers. You can get updates from your employees and rest at peace with your family.

Moreover, the VoIP technology facilitates the users to access the email, Phone, Conference Bridge Services, the internet, and video application, etc., at a time.


Traditional phone systems cannot be updated and seem to be redundant. The best part of VoIP Phone Services is that it is customer friendly. You can actually choose the features that will suit your business needs and can pay only for those services. By using VoIP, you can record your voice and e-mail when you aren’t available; your calls will automatically get directed to your phone at a fixed hour.

The best part is, as your business increases you can add additional features at a minimum cost with no overhead charges as in Traditional phone systems.

We recommend a VoIP Phone System to take your business to the next level with a future proof communication solution. If you are thinking about swapping to VoIP phone service and looking for VoIP Service Providers, we have a variety of packages and VoIP Solutions for your business. Just connect with the VoIP Office and switch to the Best Plan. We welcome you to our VoIP Phone Services and let us forge ahead hand in hand with a smart decision.