Today Businesses are turning around their communication budget and looking for better options to replace the Traditional Phone System . Majority of businesses are switched to VoIP Communication Systems as they have the ability to help businesses save on their budget. Let’s get to the point about how it exactly help your business communication.

VoIP- Reliable Phone System for Your Business

VoIP is a most successful technology of the decade which is an alternative to the traditional phone connections that doesn’t require the traditional phones and it is the most Affordable Phone Service for the modern businesses today. It is the fact that some businesses have revealed that they have successfully cut down their communication costs up to 90% compared to the general communication.

What makes VoIP a standout from the Traditional Phone Systems?

A Cloud Business Phone Service like VoIP systems works on the internet and seamlessly integrated into the handy applications, Desktop, tabs, and works on the internet. There are many Best Hosted VoIP Service Providers in the current market who is offering the best corporate phone systems for small to large businesses. The cost of Traditional Phone Systems is very high when checked in the point of US to India and other international calls for business.


The main reason why VoIP standout from others is it offers the FREE calls within the VoIP network.


Calling to the regular phones is also cheaper with Hosted VoIP and it saves greatly on international calls.


VoIP services are very flexible and one can easily switch from anywhere any time at their comfort.

Switch to Official Communication anytime

By using VoIP Phone Systems, people can communicate on their official business number from anywhere anytime without being in the office.

Good Featured

VoIP offers call redirections and security for the businesses where they can manage the communication flawless.

Options with VoIP

There is two type of options with VoIP. The first one is Direct VoIP Services which creates a connection between people just like Skype or VoIP Office do. It also works at much cheaper rates compared to the Traditional Phone System for international calls. The second one is the integrated option which allows people in your company to place the VoIP calls using the handsets and can route the calls across the internet. It also comes up with other attractive features like voicemail.

Business Types

The Integrated VoIP services that are generally offered for business are physical Switchboard and Hosted services. The physical one involves the switchboard installations in your office and it cost money to buy and maintain the same. The hosted type is a replacement to the switchboard which is a software that runs on a network server generally maintained away from the company. The hosted VoIP provides flexibility where you can communicate freely anywhere at any time.


Flexibility, Resilience, and Affordability make VoIP services as the most efficient and best quality system for business communication. If you are planning your Business phone system at a low price, then enquire now about VoIP services at VoIP Office. Visit now for affordable plans for businesses of all sizes.