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technology based cloud applications
that integrates the integration.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Integration of Microsoft dynamics can create new call records automatically and save all the calling activities that can help you gain business accountability.

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Sales Force Integration

Integration with perfection that couples salesforce and phone system.

Time saving and productive features like automatic call logs, creation of cases and contacts with realtime call notes capturing feature.

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vtiger Integration

When comes to customer service and interactions, vtiger CRM integration can do more. It improvises the ability of the team and helps you get engaged in the collaboration to increase the revenue.

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ZOHO Integration

CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster.

Integration of ZOHO can be very helpful for your business as it allows you to engage on different channels and supports businesses of all sizes in a smart way.

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SUGARCRM Integration

Get a simple user interface, industry-leading customer experience, and an intuitive customization platform.

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Zendesk Integration

Integrate great overall customer experience into your communications.

Integrates the customer experiences into communication.Save more time with automaton in real time. Recieve or connect calls through system directly within Zendesk.

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Bullhorn Integration

This integration can manage and build the prospective client relationship with the business. By using the CRM for the recruiting and staffing, you can gain great visibility and can streamline your sales potential.

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JobDiva Integration

Improves the flow of information between the front-office divisions of recruiting organizations

To meet the growing needs of front operations of the recruiting agencies and to retain the valued interaction between the clients and your sales team, online search behaviours, client needs and more, VoIP integration is the best solution for all.

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CEIPAL Integration

Manage Client Contacts & Leads

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pipedrive Integration

A sales CRM built for minimum input and maximum output

Perfectly built CRM for a minimized input and maximized output.

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